Tip Thursday

Desk based Job and Commuting


How many hours do you spend commuting?


Commuting in Ireland

· 90 minutes: average time people spend travelling each weekday

· 74% of all car journeys are made by car


According to the World Health Organisation physical inactivity is the fourth leading risk factor for mortality


Research has shown people who walk to work are 45% more physically active than those who drive.


Benefits of active commute

· Reduced BMI and percentage body fat

· Reduced risk of coronary heart disease

· Reduced risk of stroke

· Reduced risk of type II diabetes

· Reduced anxiety and depression


10 Tips if you have a desk based job and / or commute to work


1) Get enough sleep – recommended 7-9 hours

2) Set the alarm 10 minutes earlier to avoid rushing

3) Eat breakfast before leaving home / take healthy breakfast with you

4) Walk / bike some of the way or once a week the whole way if possible

5) Use the time to relax e.g. listening to podcast / audio book

6) Have walking meetings at work – take opportunity with one to one meetings to go for a walk rather than sit at a desk

7) Wear trainers for any walking and change into shoes when arriving at work

8) Have an ergonomically set up work space - sit on a gym ball or use a standing desk for short periods throughout the day

9) Take regular breaks from sitting – set an alarm on your phone for ever 30-45 minutes

10)Carry out some simple mobility exercises at your desk


Keep an eye on our social media for simple desk based exercise videos that you can start doing today.

Marie Walsh