Penny Medical Patient Education Software introduced in The Poynton SpineCare Institute

The Poynton SpineCare Institute has partnered with Penny Medical to enhance the patients education and experience in their clinics. Penny Medical combines a clinically approved suite of human Anatomy modules, Interactive video content and reference information for patients and doctors/ health care professionals and delivers them in an easily understandable and visual way. The solution has been designed to support the medical professional with powerful, visual tools and references that enable the confident investigation, diagnosis and treatment of the widest range of conditions while also promoting health literacy to patients. 

Penny Medical is a company that promotes Patient education and patient literacy whereby they involve healthcare professionals teaching patients about their health, so they may better understand their condition.  If a patient is well educated on their condition, they will no doubt understand what goals they need to work towards to improve their health.

This all works with the philosophy of the Poynton SpineCare Institute where the health professionals and patients work together and the patient is put at the center of decisions about their own treatment and care.

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Marie Walsh