Keeping Active During the Holidays



Summer holidays have arrived with the last of primary schools finishing up on Friday. With that, many exercise classes take a break for the summer also and many gym goers do not want to spend their time indoors. So how do you keep fit, healthy and active during the summer months?


The first thing to consider is how much exercise should you be getting. The ACSM guidelines recommend 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week, so that’s 30 minutes five times a week. One of the key things with getting exercise in is finding something you enjoy, so while the weather is good why not aim to make your exercise a social occasion and meet up with a friend for a walk, cycle, sea swim or even an outdoor yoga class (instead of that glass of wine / coffee and cake!).


With the sun shining at the moment all around Ireland there are other important things to keep in mind when exercising outdoors. Drinking plenty of water to stay well hydrated is important, as well as making sure your skin is protected by using sun screen to avoid sun burn. Dehydration and sunburn can lead to things such as heat cramps & heat exhaustion which will limit your ability to keep up your exercise.


If you’ve had recent problems with your neck or back but are now only having minimal symptoms and wondering how to keep on top of your spine health and prevent reoccurrence, why not get a referral from your GP, physiotherapist or Consultant here to us in The Poynton SpineCare Institute. Once one of our Spine Consultants have assessed you, you can do our TPM which is ground breaking technology and The Poynton SpineCare Institute is the only accredited centre in Ireland to have it. It will assess and highlight any issues you may have with alignment, posture, movement control, flexibility, co-ordination, strength and stability and helps to put together a bespoke strength and conditioning programme for you.


We also have Pilates classes, for current patients, starting again at 8am on a Wednesday and Friday this week to keep you going over the summer months!


Just contact to express your interest in being reviewed in The Poynton SpineCare Instiute and for current patients to book into TPM or Pilates Classes.



Marie Walsh