Lukes' Physio Experience in The Poynton SpineCare Institute

"I came to The Poynton SpineCare clinic after suffering with chronic lower back pain for over 5 years. I had seen multiple physiotherapists over the years, but I never experienced any significant improvement in my condition. Claire was professional and compassionate towards my situation, and took a very methodical approach to my recovery process. She made the purpose to her instructions clear, while the online portal made it very easy to remember how to perform the exercises. Claire explained where my deficiencies were and exactly the process we would take to address them. I found Claire’s approach to help mitigate the psychological impact of chronic pain, which can lead to frustration and impatience. Claire appeared genuinely interested and empathetic towards my condition and seemed determined to improve the situation. This helped immensely in the recovery process.

When I first met Claire I experienced daily pain, which I would rate as 2/10 and occasional flare ups in the range of 6-7/10. Following approximately 6 months with her, I have almost no daily pain and I haven’t had a flare up once. Overall, I thought the service was excellent."

Marie Walsh
Emers' Pilates at The Poynton SpineCare Institute Experience

I am extremely impressed with the Pilates course run at The Poynton Clinic .Claire is very professional .The classes are very specific to everyone needs and I definitely feel that my back problem has been kept in check as a result of these classes. The Poynton Clinic And it’s staff are very attentive to the needs of their patients.

Thank you kindly Emer 

Marie Walsh
Franks Story One Year After Spinal Surgery

“It is October 2017 and I am in an aeroplane climbing to 15000 feet in Queenstown New Zealand to do a SKYDIVE.

It suddenly hits me that the last time I felt the same fear was when I was been wheeled into the operating theatre in the Mater in Dublin about twelve months earlier to undergo back surgery with Ashley Poynton.

And the little man in my head telling me  “ Do not worry you are with the best team and they have done it all before “

Then POW – I am out cold in Dublin and Dreaming while in New Zealand I am out cold but flying.

Then I land and the adrenaline surge is amazing but immediately my thoughts are back to Ashley Poynton and his wonderful team that transformed my life and enabled me to live the dream.

While the adrenaline subsided after a few days the benefits of the surgery have continued to enhance the quality of my life.

Many Thanks to all the Poynton Team “

The Poynton SpineCare Institute: Patient Stories - Skydiving
The Poynton SpineCare Institute: Patient Stories - Skydiving
Marie Walsh
Seans Story following Spinal Assesement Review

“I recently attended the Poynton SpineCare Institute, following an MRI , for a long standing back pain issue. I was dealt with by Ms. Claire Whelan who gave me a thorough examination and explained to me in detail the issues with my back and the potential remedies to my issues. This was done in an extremely professional and courteous manner, and in language that us lay people can understand. This was followed up by Claire consulting with Mr. Poynton to recommend the best course of treatment for me which ultimately turned out to be a spinal injection carried out in the mater private. The referral was carried out by the Poynton clinic leaving me with nothing to do but show up on the day.

 I have since had the injection and this coupled with physiotherapy is ensuring that I am improving and getting stronger daily and am now pretty much 100% pain free.

 Following my experience with Claire and the Poynton Institute I would recommend them unreservedly to anyone suffering from such issues. Professional courteous staff, a lovely environment and a service second to none.

 Best wishes to all in the Poynton Institute and many thanks for your care and kindness.”

Marie Walsh