Franks Story One Year After Spinal Surgery

“It is October 2017 and I am in an aeroplane climbing to 15000 feet in Queenstown New Zealand to do a SKYDIVE.

It suddenly hits me that the last time I felt the same fear was when I was been wheeled into the operating theatre in the Mater in Dublin about twelve months earlier to undergo back surgery with Ashley Poynton.

And the little man in my head telling me  “ Do not worry you are with the best team and they have done it all before “

Then POW – I am out cold in Dublin and Dreaming while in New Zealand I am out cold but flying.

Then I land and the adrenaline surge is amazing but immediately my thoughts are back to Ashley Poynton and his wonderful team that transformed my life and enabled me to live the dream.

While the adrenaline subsided after a few days the benefits of the surgery have continued to enhance the quality of my life.

Many Thanks to all the Poynton Team “

The Poynton SpineCare Institute: Patient Stories - Skydiving
The Poynton SpineCare Institute: Patient Stories - Skydiving
Marie Walsh