The Poynton SpineCare Institute offers a unique and comprehensive Spinal Assessment. The aim of a Spinal Assessment is to treat your spinal symptoms through a quick and prompt care pathway.

The Spinal Assessment is completed by a clinical specialist physiotherapist who works with Mr. Ashley Poynton, Consultant Spine Surgeon. It involves a full assessment, including a comprehensive history of your problem, a full physical examination and a review of any investigations which you have recently done, such as a MRI scan.

Before your Spinal Assessment you may have to fill out some forms that allow us to best understand the impact of your discomfort on your daily activities.

After your spinal assessment, your case will later be discussed and reviewed by one of our Spinal Consultant Surgeons. A specific management plan will be decided on by both you and the spinal assessment team that best suits your needs.

You can be referred for the Spinal Assessment by your GP or Chartered Physiotherapist.
It is recommended that you have a recent MRI of your spine.