New Consultation with Mr. Poynton/ Mr. Fournier €275

Return Consultation with Mr. Poynton/ mr. Fournier  €175

Post-operative review consultation €100

Pre surgery consultation with spinal nurse and consultant €175

Spinal Assessment €150

Physiotherapy treatment €90




The Poynton SpineCare Institute is committed to providing all of our patients with exceptional care. When a patient cancels without giving enough notice, they prevent another patient from being seen.

Please call us at 01 8822638 by 1 p.m. on the day prior to your scheduled appointment to notify us of any changes or cancellations.   To cancel a Monday appointment, please call our office by 12 midday on Friday.

If prior notification is not given, you will be charged in full for the missed appointment.

Surgery Costs

For uninsured patients, costs for any procedure will be provided upon request following consultation appointment.

The Mater Private will provide a Fixed Cost package which includes all costs associated with the operation or procedure.

Directive 2011/24/EU Cross Border Healthcare in another European Economic Area (EEA) Scheme.

This allows patients who are on a public waiting list to access funding for surgery in the private sector of another EU country. 

If you have a patient that is on an NHS waiting list for a spinal procedure we would be delighted to provide that surgery without any delay. All spinal surgery is performed by Fellowship trained Spinal Surgeons and surgery is performed in the Mater Private Hospital Dublin. This hospital is a high tech referral centre with state of the art facilities and comprehensive medical and critical care back up. Patients undergo pre-operative screening and will receive a post-operative consultation, which will include a physiotherapy session.

The only requirements are as follows:

·         The patient must be on a NHS waiting list.

·         Have pre authorisation prior to undergoing the surgery.

·         Have the means to pay for the surgery up front. (They are then refunded for the costs of the procedure on return to Northern Ireland, generally short term finance is easily obtained under this scheme)