Our dedicated team of Physiotherapists are clinically experienced in the treatment of all musculoskeletal spinal complaints and related conditions. This includes acute and chronic neck, thoracic and low back pain with or without referred symptoms. We also treat occupational, sports, degenerative, arthritic, pre and post-surgical spinal complaints.

Patients attending our Physiotherapy Services can expect an initial comprehensive assessment, followed by effective evidence-based treatment and management. We offer tailored care plans based on patients presenting complaint and response to treatment, taking their individual circumstances into account.

Our evidence-based treatment approach supported by The Poynton SpineCare Institute team, lays a strong emphasis on movement and pain behaviour and limitations. This is complemented by education, advice and specific manual techniques, with a comprehensive rehabilitation programme to cater for the needs of all patients.

Physiotherapy Services:

  • Initial Spinal Assessment

  • Post-Op Physiotherapy

  • Follow-up Rehabilitation & Maintenance (including Pilates)

Physiotherapy Treatment Modalities:



Patients attending The Poynton SpineCare Institute for physiotherapy may be offered some of the following treatments:

  • Manual therapy

  • Education

  • Pilates

  • Brace fitting

  • Orthotics

  • Rehab Programme

Pre and Post –Op Surgical Review and Physiotherapy Session:

Physiotherapy plays an important role in optimizing post-operative outcomes in surgical patients. At the Poynton SpineCare Institute we offer patients a pre-habilitation programme including education and advice to enhance muscle condition and an understanding of good spinal mechanics. This service is provided in collaboration with the Physiotherapy Team in The Mater Private Hospital.

At the Poynton SpineCare Institute all surgical patients attend for their initial Post-Op review at a combined clinic, where they see their Surgeon and a member of our Physiotherapy team. This provides patients with an opportunity to discuss Post- Op progress. Patients will receive a comprehensive home exercise programme specific to their surgical intervention and individual needs to aid recovery and return back to work, hobbies and sport.