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Anatomy of the Spine

Stretching down the midline of the trunk from the base of the skull to the coccyx, the spine plays an extremely important role in our bodies as it supports the upper body’s weight; provides posture while allowing for movement and flexibility; and protects the spinal cord.
The spine, also known as the vertebral column or spinal column, is a column of 26 bones in an adult body – 24 separate vertebrae interspaced with cartilage, and then additionally the sacrum and coccyx

There are four regions of the spine:

  • cervical (neck)
  • thoracic (chest/trunk)
  • lumbar (low back)
  • sacral (pelvic)

At The Poynton SpineCare Institute, surgery is only a small part of modern spine care. The majority of patients with spinal pain do not need surgical intervention.

Non-Surgical Treatments



Surgical Treatments

Cervical (Neck)


Surgical Treatments

Lumbar (Low Back)


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